Investing in Nodle Network

The connection to the Internet of things.

The latest addition to the Sky Ventures portfolio is Nodle Network. We are elated to collaborate with Nodle at such an early phase.

Internet of Things

The IoT market is expected to double in the next few years, which can ignite the next industrial revolution in connectivity aspects. Smartphones, sensors, automated cars, Digital currency are a part of IoT and play a huge role in day-to-day life. Internet of things has come a long way, especially in the digital currency world since Bitcoin creation. Over 55 billion Individuals can get involved with the Internet of Things by 2025.

Global IOT market Forecast

Why Nodle Network?

Nodle brings an innovative solution that enables any individual to participate in the Nodle Network and, in exchange, to be rewarded through Nodle Cash. So Nodle can serve as a utility token. Today any individual will be able to mine with their Nodle mobile application. This innovation should enable the spreading and adoption of the Nodle cryptocurrency to another level. The Nodle network rewards users based on which wireless data packets are transmitted through the network of nodes (smartphones). These packets are comparable to a beacon and are called “noodles” in the Nodle internal system. Nodle may reward the first few nodes that show a new packet, paying more or less depending on the value of the packet. To guarantee that Nodle is faithful to its mining model, Nodle has inserted a validation protocol that ensures the order of arrival of the beacons.

What does Nodle Network Solve?

Nodle Network aims to provide connectivity and process micropayments for IoT in a decentralized model. Huge data costs and a lot of connectivity barriers are reduced by using the Nodle network.

Who are Nodle Network competitors?

IOTA is an open-source distributive ledger and cryptocurrency designed for the Internet of things (IoT). It is a centralized network and always prone to phishing, scamming, and hacking attempts, which led to user tokens' theft. Nodle is a completely decentralized network and follows the highest security and coding standards when developing network nodes.

How does Nodle Network work and Usecases?

Nodle Network Flywheel

Nodle Network creates an open ecosystem and incentivizes individuals in nodle cash when they deploy wireless infrastructure and participate in an ecosystem. The reward will be a measure of volume and data packets sent into an ecosystem. As more and more individuals participate in the nodle network, the organization will conduct regular audits and upgrade the codebase to keep up the highest security across the entire network.

Shortcomings of Internet of Things

IoT is still centralized, fragmented, a lot of wasted information, and expensive. All the IoT shortcomings are resolved by the Nodle network in a decentralized, connecting the fragments and an affordable way. Nodle network is built on Polkadot, and a vastly experienced team building the Nodle network since 2018. Nodle is made for many industries such as Healthcare, Consumer electronics, Industrial Asset tracking, etc., to access the network.

Skyventures realized the importance of the Internet of Things and especially how the Nodle network can revolutionalize IoT.


Whitepaper: Nodle whitepaper info

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