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4 min readApr 9, 2021


The latest addition to Sky ventures portfolio is MILC (Media Industry Licensing Content). Media is a powerful tool for the transfer of content from creators to the audience. MILC strives to tokenize the Media Industry by providing the MILC Platform. We want to discuss the reasons that made us invest in MILC.

Media Licensing Industry:

Around 500 billion dollars are traded in-licenses every year in the professional online, film and TV, and online business. The marketplace MILT wants to focus on is vast and has enormous potential. The demand for quality content is growing relentlessly. New players are constantly entering the market to court the favor of their viewers.

International Media License Trade is outdated, and further, the shortcomings were visible more extensive due to COVID. All of the critical programming trade fairs have been canceled worldwide and won’t likely resume anytime soon. It results in repetition of content, lack of quality, and less innovation.

Intermediaries Concern

Most of the content creators operate offline, making networking, negotiating deals are an ineffective and significant rise in expenses. Intermediaries charge over 30 to 50 percent of the total budget, and it resists creators to access more potential buyers. The intermediaries fees drain money from the program or make it more costly. Additionally, lawyers renegotiate every license agreement. However, digital norms and standards could simplify this process and thus make it much cheaper.

MILC Platform

Welt der Wunder TV (Germany) and SRG (Swiss Public Television) developed a platform to solve the above-discussed problems. The MVP is introduced to both the platforms two years ago and tested under daily operating conditions, constantly testing and transformed into a fully operative Media Asset Management System, including a highly sophisticated content sharing platform.

The vision is to provide the industry with a new marketplace for every content provider and buyer with cutting-edge broadcasting, blockchain, and AI technology. MILC is the place where entertainment and community come together and interact and benefit from each other in a way never seen before.

MILC Platform will enable TV stations to pitch on specific genres, and types of content audiences are looking for. The platform will forward this pitch to selected producers to develop it in a targeted manner.

MILC Platform Features

The main features of the MILC Platform are:

  1. Enable creation of metadata in videos implementing AI-supported automatic subtitling.
  2. The overall solution for the distribution of film and TV Programmes
  3. Easy-to-use content management and control of the entire production chain from a user-friendly front-end
  4. Social Community Hub( The next generation peer-to-peer distributed ledger media and entertainment marketplace).
  5. Provides faster payment options for prior booking.
  6. Reward system through MILT token for content creators and audience.

MILC Development:

Welt der Wunder TV has operated for decades in the second-largest TV market in the world, Germany. They broadcast, produce and market high-quality content. The many years of experience in international license sales and the knowledge of content producers and customers' needs build the basis of the sales processes depicted in the MILC platform.

MILC Token:

Tokenomics of MILC token is designed to incentivize investors and the community. A total of 200 M MLT Tokens are available and diversified for various purposes, such as MILC Swap, Marketing, and liquidity programs.

MILC Tokenomics

Token Utility:

MLT token will have huge demand as the platform rises, the audience can participate within the whole production chain.

All the purchases made on the MILC platform will result in 0.5 percent of tokens will be burnt to make it deflationary and scarce.

All the fiat payments are converted into MLT tokens, and tokens are bought through the market.

Token Value

Users can also use MLT tokens for Staking, launchpad, and governance features.

Token Utility

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