Investing in ENEX.SPACE

3 min readApr 11, 2021

Sky Ventures recently invested in Enex. Space. We want to discuss the reasons behind our investment.

Automatic Market Maker(AMM), Liquidity Provision, Farming, Staking, Initial Dex Offerings(IDO)’s are the significant concepts taking rise in the crypto ecosystem. But there is an area of concern of security and insane gas fee. An investor also finds it extremely tough to cope with the ever launching protocols every day, and it's impossible to be aware of all the protocols.

When Enex.Space can access all the Defi concepts in one protocol; how will it be? Isn't it exciting? Enex. Space is the one-stop Defi platform built on the Enecuum network.

Liquidity Pools Structure and incentives:

Liquidity pool is trading pair with an automatic market-making (AMM) mechanism. Whenever the trade is successful,0.35 percent of the trade volume collected as a fee., 0.3 percent returns to liquidity pool incentive and 0.05 percent sent to Enex treasury as LP tokens. These LP tokens are used to buy back Enex and sent to the Space station for distribution. Tokens that Tokens cannot trade to ENX sent to the burn addresses.

Liquidity Pool and Incentives

The Space station is a mechanism of distribution of a certain amount of ENX over ENX shareholders. Any user can stake an arbitrary amount of ENX. Occasionally, some ENX will be transferred to Space Station for distribution. Those ENXs are distributed proportionally among all shareholders.

Whenever a user wants to trade a coin on Uniswap or any AMM or Aggregator, the User needs to approve the token contract, and it is a severe security problem. Whereas in Enecuum Network, pools are secure even without approval functionality.

Treasury Fund:

Treasury fund has two parts: LP tokens and ENX tokens.

LP tokens are transferred to the Treasury fund when a user swaps in AMM, whereas ENX tokens will be transferred to the treasury fund based on initial token distribution. LP Tokens are converted into ENX daily and sent to Space Station.

Space Drops

Space Drop allow Enecuum Network projects to achieve high user adoption by distributing a portion of their tokens to $ENX token holders.

The pool is a mechanism to reward users who stake $ENX with the arbitrary asset. Any user can create the pool. After the pool is created, any user can fill it up with assets, and the user can put in $ ENX stakes. As long as the pool has assets and there are staked $ENX, all stakeholders are rewarded with assets proportionally to their stakes. The pool creator sets up distributed rewards per time. Each stakeholder can do any actions with his stake (increase, decrease or take away) or take reward any time.

Space Harvest Farm:

Space Harvest farm allows users to earn ENX tokens by staking LP Tokens. Enex tokenomics is designed to give maximum benefit to the community. Space Harvest farm encourages the Liquidity providers to stake for the long term and earn enormous passive income.

Enex also plans to conduct Initial DEX Offerings and provide NFT Market to provide maximum utility to ENEX stakers and holders.

Cross Chain Bridge:

Tabula bridge allows users to transfer assets between Ethereum, Binance smart chain, and Enecuum network. Later on, Polkadot and many blockchains will be added to the bridge.

Token Machine(ETM)

ETM is an Enecuum token machine used to create reissuable, mineable, Non -reissuable tokens on Enecuum Network.


21 M tokens are minted at the genesis with an initial market cap of around 600k.

Tokenomics of ENX Token

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